Bible Drillers

Welcome to the Bible Drillers Page!

The purpose of Children's Bible Drill is to help children:
  • Increase in knowledge of the Bible
  • Develop skills in locating Bible books and key passages
  • Memorize the 66 books of the Bible in order, plus 25 selected Bible verses, and 10 key passages by reference and title
  • Learn how to apply the Bible to their lives
  • Understand respect for the Bible as a special book
            Practice is at the church an Sundays at 5:00

When you have God's word hidden in your heart, it will...
  • help you make right choices
  • help you share with someone who needs to hear it
  • be a comfort to you when you need some encouragement

Hopewell Baptist Church, 9845 Tennessee 128, Savannah TN 38372, 731-925-5842